Time Management Workshop

Are you frustrated that you aren’t accomplishing what you want to?

Are you often overwhelmed with too much on your plate?

Have you read all the time management books but nothing seems to work for you?

You are not alone!  Time management is one of the most commonly identified personal and professional challenges.

In truth, you can’t actually “manage time.”  Time is something you have.  What you can do is manage your behaviors around time.   Take a look at the desks of your co-workers and you will probably notice different organizational and time management techniques they have adapted to their personality. That’s because our personalities drive how we manage ourselves.

By learning more about your personality and how it impacts your use of time, you can learn to identify tactics that will work best for you.

Time Management Training

In this one day workshop, you will learn to dramatically improve your time management skills by developing a customized plan that is the best fit for you.

Learn how your personality impacts how you use your time and the methods most likely to fit your preferences.

Each attendee will be given a TTI Success Insights Behavioral (DiSC) assessment and Mastering Myself Survey™.

Contact us today at (312) 857-3570 about setting up Time Management training for your organization. 


Testimonials from Our Workshop on Time Management

  • I have “a better understanding of my own personality which is helping me make better decisions on allocating my time.”
  • “I am much more accommodating that I thought. I see how it can negatively impact my decision making on time management.”
  • “I never put the two together before, so you provided me with some new insight into the connection for myself as well as my fellow employees.”
  • “I knew I liked to have things lined up and in order. Now I have confirmation of it. I know I am social and I see, now, that as an extrovert, I am a strong initiator, and I am not so strong on the remaining extroversion facets. It makes sense.”
  • “I liked the details of delving into how my personality type and facets affect my time management which affect my goal achievement.”