360 Surveys

Are you looking for a more complete, fair and objective measure for performance reviews?

Are you looking to increase your leadership effectiveness and wanted a targeted approach?

Is your organization striving for continuous improvement not only in its processes, but for its people too?

Personal effectiveness within each key position is crucial to the ongoing success of an organization. 360 surveys allow respondents to provide valuable feedback regarding the effectiveness of another individual’s performance. This feedback provides insight on any gaps between the individual’s perceptions and those they work with.  If employees don’t get this range of feedback it can substantially reduce their opportunity for development.

What are 360 surveys?

360 surveys are assessments tools that provide leaders and employees with feedback about their performance. A 360 involves gaining the perspective of a person’s strengths and areas for potential improvement from their colleagues, which usually includes their direct reports, peers, their boss and in some cases even external sources, such as customers, vendors, suppliers etc.   The assessment is anonymous with questions being answered either online, in an interview with the person’s coach or a combination of both. The surveys’ subject is rated in areas such as leadership, communication, productivity, and technical skills. The individual also self-assesses themselves in these areas.

The surveys questions are tailored to the individual’s role within the organization.  All the information is compiled into reports.

What does a 360 survey do?

360 surveys allow employees to assess strengths and weaknesses in their workplace performance, interpersonal communication and/or management style with a focus on individual and organizational development.

The key to a successful process is to use the tool for development. Managers and executives can use the information provided by a 360 survey to create organizational and individual development plans. Managers and executives also gain tremendous personal benefit as they see how their leadership styles and methods are perceived by those they manage. As they make adjustments to better interact with and manage their employees, the entire organization benefits.

Why use 360 surveys?

360 surveys have their greatest impact when used to evaluate and improve the performance of whole organizations. As its name implies, 360 surveys assess the effect an individuals’ actions have on their organization.

360 surveys produce the best results when they are used as a tool to identify opportunities for change and used to develop individual and organizational goals to make those changes. Each 360 survey should be customized to specific organizational or personal goals.

Information gathered during a 360 survey can be used to develop continuous learning programs, and identify training needs as well as help the employee focus their improvement efforts.

360 survey uses:

360 surveys are rapidly becoming the most effective method of evaluating on-the-job performance, in which employees are rated by a range of peers as well as managers. Uses include:

  • Leadership development
  • Individual skill development
  • Customer Service
  • Employee satisfaction
  • Team Development
  • Sales development

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