When you pull different styles together on a team, you are bound to have some differences, frustrations and potential conflicts – people do not all communicate alike.

If you are using DiSC with a team, group, department or even an organization, we recommend you include the TTI Success Insights Team Behavioral Report.

DiSC Team ReportThis report pulls together the team members personal behavior and communication styles to illustrate the similarities and differences among the team members. It details the strengths that each style brings to the team, as well as their weaknesses. This is important because it shows teams need different styles and that all styles provide valuable contributions to a team. When teams learn to collectively leverage the strengths of the different styles, they become more productive together.

To improve the team dynamics, the team report also includes communication preferences – the “Communication Dos”
that influence and form a strong bond with each style.   It also shows the common behavioral roadblocks among the different styles and indicates how well styles will initially blend and how much they must adapt in order to communicate more effectively.   Not all styles blend the same. Some require more flexibility.


DiSC Team Report Blending Styles

In addition, the team DiSC report points out behavioral styles that may not be on the team. Although each style brings important strengths, in some cases not all behavioral styles are needed on a team. Keep in mind , however, that team members may need to adapt to fill in the gaps.

In order to produce the Team Behavioral / DiSC Report, individual team members do need to complete an individual Talent Insights/DiSC Assessment first.

Team Member DiSC Characteristics



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