Keno Consulting Strategic Planning for Law Firms

Law Firm Strategic Planning

If you’re not planning your firm’s path, where are you going?

Keno Consulting helps clients develop their strategic business plan and execute on their strategies to achieve their goals.

Business planning charts out your firm’s course. It provides the framework that all business functions should align with, from marketing and recruiting to compensation. No matter the size of your firm – a firm without a plan is like a sailboat without a rudder and going whichever way the wind blows. Successful planning requires leadership, agreement and accountability.

Keno Consulting’s law firm strategic planning process begins with our Organizational Assessment. Results are compiled and incorporated into the planning sessions. We facilitate these sessions over 2 to 3 half days, depending on the size of your firm. Participants work through defining and agreeing on their firm’s values, vision, mission, goals and strategies.   Implementation teams are identified at the end of the planning session. Many firms get stuck here.

Planning only succeeds if it is executed on. Keno Consulting continues to work with your firm to see that your strategies are implemented. After the planning sessions, we work with the implementation teams to develop detailed plans for their initiatives. We conduct monthly team leader meetings to bring leadership up to date on the status of the team’s initiatives and to provide accountability. These team meetings also provide an opportunity for course correction.

The key to strategic business planning rests with your firm’s ability to align all its functions and stay the course. Let Keno Consulting help your firm chart its course, call us at (312) 857-3570 or email us today.


Beth Keno is highly knowledgeable about law firm management, practices and procedures. Just one idea alone from Beth has been very valuable to me. I trust Beth and appreciate her guidance and counsel.”
— Bankruptcy Attorney