Keno Consulting Business Development for Law Firms

Do you have a referral network?

Are you top of mind with your referral network?

Do you have a relationship management strategy?

It used to be that being a good lawyer was enough. Business just came. Today, with more than an estimated 1.1 million lawyers, business development is now more important than ever.

Sales statistics show that on average, 80% of sales take between 5 and 12 touches to close. In other words, you need to spend time building and maintaining relationships to close sales. Relationship building and maintaining takes time. A consistent and disciplined approach to relationship management is absolutely necessary for successful business development.

Keno Consulting helps you grow your business by helping you develop customized business development strategies and processes for cultivating and maintaining key business relationships. We help you create strategic and realistic relationship development plans.  Most importantly, we can help you prioritize your limited time to focus on your key relationships.

Law Firm Business Development Coaching for Individual Attorneys

Don’t worry if you don’t feel comfortable networking in large groups. The purpose of this program is to find what fits best with you. Our Attorney Business Development signature program begins with key assessment tools to build awareness of your preferences and aid in developing a realistic plan that you feel comfortable with and will consistently follow. This program is action oriented. After each coaching session there will be homework – actions to take in building your business.

Minimum of 6 coaching sessions recommended

Law Firm Business Development Coaching for Groups

If a team approach to business development makes more sense, this may be the option for you. Our Law Firm Business Development Coaching for Groups program is ideal for a team of attorneys, practice group or entire firm that is looking to create a relationship management strategy together. This program begins with a relationship process assessment; an examination of your current relationship systems for your clients, prospects and referral network. Working together with the team, we will build a  strategy and establish processes for managing the group’s relationships. Once a  prospect strategy is established, we will facilitate two business development meetings with the group. At these meetings, a meeting process will be established and accountability will be emphasize.   Additional facilitation and individual coaching as well as assessment tools are available and may be recommended.

Contact us today if you are ready to leverage your time better and develop a strategic approach to Relationship Management to grow your business. Call Keno Consulting at (312) 857-3570 or email us today to begin your Law Firm Business Development Coaching program.