Coaching for Law Firms by Keno Consulting

Do you need to be more focused, more organized or more realistic with your goals?

Would being accountable to someone help you stay the course?

Would having someone outside looking in, provide you with a better perspective?

Coaching, no matter what profession you are in, helps increase your self-awareness and helps you become more effective. It helps you clarify your goals and identify actionable steps to achieve them.

Keno Consulting’s coaching services are available on an individual and/or group basis. We understand law firm cultures and how to work within them. What works well in one firm may not work in another. Coaching plans are designed around the needs of the individual and/or group.  They may include personality and/or communication assessments and most plans are designed to include:

  • strengths and opportunity analysis
  • goal setting
  • planning and implementation strategies to achieve these goals
  • managing roadblocks

Our coaching sessions are done in person and over the phone.

If you are ready to achieve your goals, contact Keno Consulting at (312) 857-3570 or email us today.