Law Firm Consulting

Through the past fifteen years, Keno Consulting has worked with law firms and their leadership teams in a number of different areas. Beth Keno, principal of Keno Consulting, is highly skilled in counseling and coached law firm clients on the management, strategy and business development aspects of their business.

Keno has worked with all sizes of law firms – multi-office and single location and those with a number of practice areas or only one primary area. She understands law firms and their cultures and can effectively recommend steps to solve problems, build systems and find solutions for all types of operational issues.

To provide law firms with quality resources for other services, Keno created the Law Firm Consultants Network of Chicago, a diverse group of professionals with various areas of expertise in serving the legal community.

Keno Consulting’s Service Areas:

Law Firm Business Development Coaching
Keno Consulting guides attorneys, teams and firms toward more strategic business development by leverage relationships management plans.  Learn more

Business Development Roundtables
Keno Consulting facilitates internal business development roundtables helping to support a culture of collaboration, peer accountability and support in a group setting. Learn More

Law Firm Coaching
Keno Consulting works with individuals and firms to help them focus on their goals and move into action. Learn more

Law Firm Srategic Planning 
Keno Consulting brings a perspective to the strategic planning process that few others can provide. From preparing strategy sessions to facilitating them to implementing the plan, Keno Consulting can lead a law firm through the entire process. Learn more


Beth Keno is highly knowledgeable about law firm management, practices and procedures.  Just one idea alone from Beth has been very valuable to me. I trust Beth and appreciate her guidance and counsel.”
— Bankruptcy Attorney