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If you are in sales,  you might have noticed that you just seem to click with and have more success selling to certain types of people. And most likely,  there are certain types of people you don’t click as well with and you find more difficult to sell to.

Most of us have little awareness of our behavioral tendencies and communication preferences and we tend not to notice their effect on others.

Great sales people know that communication goes beyond just the words they use; it includes verbal, non-verbal and par-verbal components.

Research conducted by Target Training International, LTD. (TTI) has conclusively proven the following statements to be true:

  1. People tend to buy from a sales person who has a behavioral style similar to their own.
  2.  Sales people tend to sell to customers who have behavioral style similar to their own.
  3.  Salespeople who are aware of their own behavioral style and learn to blend with their customer’s style are able to increase their sales.

The TTI Talent Insights (DiSC) for Sale assessment is a tool that provides a broad understanding of an individual’s sales style. This is important because behavior research suggests that the most effective people are those who understand themselves, both their strengths and limitations, and learn to develop their flexibility to meet the requirements of their environment.

The ability to interpret the needs of others and the flexibility to adjust your style to meet the other’s needs is a mark of a superior sales person.

The Sale assessment looks at the level of effectiveness you either possess naturally or are able to modify in your performance tendencies within specific phases of Behavioral Selling including: prospecting, first impression, qualifying, demonstrating, influencing and closing.   In addition,  the report highlights how you deal with preparation, presentation, handling objections, closing and servicing prospects and clients.

TTI Talent Insights for Sales assessment can create the awareness you need to become more effective in selling.

For a sample of the DiSC Sales Assessment in PDF format, click here.

TTI’s products are Safe Harbor-approved, non-discriminatory and are fully EEOC compliant. TTI’s complete and comprehensive Adverse Impact Study validated the use of assessments within employment practices.