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Rainmaking Through Your Referral Network – Business Development Training

Before you can sell you need the opportunity. Business development begins with your referral network. We all know it is much easier to get in the door with a warm referral than a cold call.   Building a business development and sales process means it happens continuously and predictably, with measurement.

Sales statistics show that on average, 80% of sales take between 5 and 12 touches to close. In other words, a relationship develops overtime before a sale closes.

We will look at the science and art of leveraging your relationships including analyzing your network to create a process to stay in touch.  Every business needs an organized system to track its contacts and referrals. The concept seems simple, but it requires focus and attention to detail.

Business development training is ideal for:

  • new business developers
  • those less comfortable with networking
  • those looking for a system to stay top of mind

Keno Consulting works with individuals and organizations to develop customized strategies and processes for cultivating and maintaining key business relationships. We help you create strategic and realistic relationship development plans.  For many firms these plans include: your referral network – both internally and externally, current clients and prospective clients. Most importantly, we can help you prioritize your limited time to focus on your key relationships

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