First Meetings - Staying Top Of Mind

First meetings – staying top of mind

[frame_right]First meetings - staying top of mind[/frame_right]

How can you expect ‘Top of Mind’ Awareness from your business development contacts, if you aren’t doing something to create and maintain being there?   

I am continually amazed by the lack of relationship building activities found in most business development networks. My definition of a relationship is, ‘there is something in it for both of us.’  

If you went on a first date and it went well; you might want to explore things further. You would probably find a way to follow up, right? If you did nothing, then the most you could hope for is the other party to reach out to you.

Doing nothing usually produces nothing.

Introductions are the initial deposits to the relationship bank. What grows the interest is each party finding ways to add value to the relationship. The payoff is both parties benefit from the relationship.

To stay ‘Top of Mind’ requires a formal follow-up system. Formal meaning, that you continually use your system to maintain awareness and add value to your relationships.

Start with a plan.   For your first meeting you should have one goal – what follow up will add value?  Each party should owe something to each other.  It might be an introduction, information or an opportunity.  Don’t rush back to your office and complete the task immediately.  You just met – you are top of mind.   Wait a few days.

I have a series of activities after a first introduction.  I spread them over a one to two week period – sometimes longer.  Why?  I want to build the relationship by adding value over time – not just on the day we met.    Now you need a strategy going forward to stay “Top of Mind”.

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    Great points. I earned quite a bit about the importance of follow up and telecommunication from you during our coffee … the personal “touch” always has the best value.

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